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For me, David Nguyen, I was always was interested in technology even as a child. I was amazed how many things you could do with a desktop PC. I scoured the bookstores back in the late 90’s looking for books to read about everything to do with computers. Vector drawings, 3D game programming, I dabbled a bit even with Visual Basics and Visual C++ programming.

I quickly found out I was not good at programming. I believe it was because I was not social enough and did not have many friends that shared the same interests as be … back then I wanted to be Bill Gates LOL.

I spent most of my young life just playing video games a lot and working with my dad. Video games like DOOM, Duke Nukem, Quake and Half-Life filled my free time.

As I am older now, I realized I did not really miss much by gaming so much. My life now feels full and alright but do I miss doing the things I did when I was younger. I don’t game no more and I don’t purchase things no more.

I used to run a website benchmarking and reviewing tech also on YouTube which got me some money through ads. I miss doing that. So I am going to that again.

I have a face-to-face job selling cell phones right now. It is full time so I don’t have time to do other things except just draw for their featured images for their articles/posts.

I am getting restless doing the same thing over and over again selling phones. The perks of commission are nice but standing around for more than half the day saying “Hello/Hi” and “How are you?” is bothering me.

So stay tuned to more articles and future YouTube videos!

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