Why Programming?

Response from a long time computer technician …

In my lifetime, I have accomplished a few thing in the computer field. I will list them here:

  • Computer technician
  • Computer sales
  • Graphics design

For #1, I do like figuring out problems, troubleshooting. I am a natural practical problem solver. Link to my article about working at a computer store.

For #2, I need tons of money to learn about the latest technology. I am not rich so I would have to be a reviewer with connections to access everything I wanted. Link to my article about working at BestBuy.

#3, is kind of OK for me. But it is deadly as there is no money in it or I am not good enough to create great works of art. I feel that I need more training at a school to do it on a whim with very little effort. My pieces takes quite some time right now. I need to learn the fast tricks. Link to my article about working in Graphics design.

That leaves me to learn computer programming. It cost basically nothing to learn computer programming. Just by “Googling” you get all the answers to all your questions. All you need is any computer and good internet. Programming is just “bits” of code.

Also, I don’t want to spend money no more so naturally computer programming is the next step.

Right now I am learning lots in second semester school at Durham College for Computer Programming. I found teachers who are relatable and make learning easier.

Why I program? (Extended version) …

When I was younger back in elementary school, I had a low-end PC. I would figure out ways to improve its speed by tweaking it to make games work. I am revisiting my childhood by looking at this topic as it makes me happy to figure this out.

I am at a stage in my life that I should do what I like. If I can find a tweak or unlock something, that will make my day.

Now how will I make money doing this is the question.

Also it is odd to talk and work in school with younger students now. They want to do well in school and do roles and positions in big companies or even freelance. I used to think like that when I was young like them. But it’s all hooey. I do what I like and that drives me. It is not actually the degree of education that drives me day-to-day but to build what I want.

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