Can not escape it: Web Development

OLD POST from Dec 18, 2022, Updated below

Again and again I am met with employers wanting web development work.

The problem with me is that I grew up in the early 2000s doing static web work HTML and CSS.

I can not think that creatively these days.

Also accessibility and ease of use is also what people want.

How much creativity and freedom can you produce when ease of use and accessibility is most needed?

From my research boxy flat designs are what major companies websites currently look like.

Am I overthinking?

I need to understand this more …


April 13, 2023: After learning web development in school I think I understand some stuff. I guess you can develop for big companies and also niche companies. You can do what you want and scale it however you want. Add a option to click to see the complicated advanced version and click again to see a scaled down minimalistic version.

I struggled find a balance when I tried to do web development because of the complexity of web development itself and do what the boss wants.

Is it what the user wants or best for the user at the end?