Career, Jobs and Backup?

I had many jobs. Here is a list of the jobs I had in my life in order.

  1. Property maintenance (landscaping, garbage removal, cleaning, painting)
  2. Graphic design (digitized school crest and course calendar for high school and some designs for post-secondary)
  3. Daycare worker
  4. Farm work 🙂
  5. Produce clerk during nights till early mornings at large supermarket
  6. Pharmacy assistant at large pharmacy
  7. Host and cleaner at buffet
  8. English teacher overseas
  9. Produce clerk again during nights and some days
  10. Dishwasher and food prep at buffet
  11. Computer technician at computer repair store
  12. Technology journalist for
  13. Graphic designer for
  14. Graphic designer doing artwork for Carey Holzman Tech YouTuber and Tech Podcaster
  15. Computer sales associate at Best Buy
  16. Cell phone sales associate in large supermarket
  17. Team member at Taco Bell 🙂
  18. Peer-tutor at college for practical nursing
  19. Self made stuff: trying to build software and write (,,
  20. Website designer for a non-profit organization charity

All these experiences helped me. Programming work was so hard. I always wanted to give up and do computer technician work for life instead.

Having this job, computer technician, was a backup. It helped and did not help me. I mean I needed it to grow but I always wanted to do it instead of the difficult programming I encountered. It will take me over 4 years to complete my computer programming diploma when it should only take 2 years. I hope to finish by May 2022. I started in Sept 2017. I hope to finish 😝.

Web designing so far is OK as a lot of website work uses already made packages like WordPress and very usable themes.

In the future, I plan to learn more web development. I like only Windows desktop software development. So it will be tough!