College Programming

UPDATED: May 5, 2022

Well I am almost finished school at college. I am missing one course that I will do next year in Jan 2023.

I learned the following 3 things by almost finishing college in computer programming.

  1. You will find like minded people in your final year to work with well in group projects and talk to about life.
  2. You will find teachers who will be able to understand you and support you.
  3. You may have a dream to be a programmer and college might have been the kick start you needed

This is all good for work and networking but I also realized this again and again beyond the classroom: You should help yourself and do things that make you happy and fulfilled with your positive genuine friends. Find friends that are more optimistic then you!!! They are out there! You got to put yourself out there and you will find each other!

I also learned that you should have a personal drive to do computer programming to build what you want independently as much as possible.

It is good to be able to work in groups/teams but you should be able to just focus on yourself with your own projects. I like zoning out when doing what I like for my own interest and curiosity. When I zone out it is the best feeling in the world!

Doing computer programming at college taught me to learn more unconsciously. There is less hesitation to force yourself to learn. This is because you taught and learned all the major hard concepts already and anything more is along the path and related.

I also learned you have to help yourself to learn and focus. No one can really hold your hand and help you along the way. It is possible for someone to help you all the way in school but no one helps enough really for your own dreams and wishes after. It is up to you to sit there and dabble away at the keyboard. Again zone out.

I also learned you must use all your brain power to think thoroughly and complete as much as possible. Programming builds up your power to think through anything logically and simply. You ought to think in single small steps for this to be relaxing, manageable and fun.

Life is short. You might as well zone out and not worry about the things you can not control and all the negativity in this world. Do something you love that gives you the thrill and excitement everyday. At the end, everything should be OK! 🙂