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Finally Finished School

OLD POST from April 23, 2023, Updated below

A couple of days ago I submitted the last thing to do for my last college course.

I realized how fortunate I am being able to finish school. I thank my parents, friends and family and CANADA!!!

Getting this diploma helped me quite a bit understand and control myself.

If I did not do computer programming I feel I would not be complete.

Computer programming taught me impulse control and to take life simple for my health and wellbeing.

Like I mentioned in the previous post “Almost Done College“, the teachers taught these two life-changing concepts:

  1. The complexity I think computer programming is (like Artificial Intelligence) is just bunches of ‘IF’ statements. So now I try to think simply and in small chunks which helped me tremendously. Just “IF” and “ELSE”: 2 pathways.
  2. “Computer Programming” is an ongoing daily learning activity. You learn everyday becoming a better and better programmer.

Without these two lessons, I would be stuck thinking I had to be complex and complete to enable me to work or engage in some activity.

So when I am feeling frustrated in life, I just think simple and small chunks to take life day-by-day.

This was my biggest problem in my life. I thought I had to complicated, interesting and complex to have self-esteem and impress people.

I hope anyone wanting to pursue computer programming one day tries to earn their diploma. I just got the 2-year diploma at my hometown college: Durham College and it helped me a lot in life learning in person.


I got the marks back. I am grateful I passed and and finally done.

It has been a long journey to get this diploma. I am grateful in what I received.

If you are interested in understanding my journey into doing programming and the articles and software created here, take a look at: – Programming resource. It details my journey back into the tech space.