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Hello Readers, 

Some updates We are hoping that you are enjoying the Shorts formats where we try to stick to a format that is less than a page long just for a little bit of interesting content where the goal is more to make you think more than anything with interesting little thought experiments as well as other little projects of which we record our results on however what I am here today is to give a small update and some of the cool projects that I have in the works


Behind the Scenes of

-This is a Story of how the site came to be and what goes into the articles and programs and every major project that we have between us at FreeTimeTech

Asus eeePc

-On a recent trip to the local thrift store I noticed an Asus eeePc and I was thinking of what the use of the machine was we are gonna go through it and see what it can do from the factory with Windows XP but also look into the ChromeOS Flex Project and if this can get this machine on the web again as well as trying to test in on various Linux Distributions and also just for fun Windows 10 as well as revisiting the concept of Windows 7 Basic and the fall backs that entailed,

We will also explore Hardware upgrades of the 11$ Netbook and what use it can be in 2022 I also want to see how it stacks up against the next topic being

The Cheapest Laptop money can buy in 2022

-I was on a stroll in Best Buy to kill time and while i was looking in the google smart home aisle I have realized that they had a Chromebook that was $150 CAD and It was fair to say I was intrigued I wanted to upgrade from my Asus C202SA Chromebook in 2022 and I wanted to compare the experiences that I had referenced in the really old issue

And I think it will be cool to see what it does (Spoiler I have had more fun with the linux environment on it rather than ChromeOS)

How Much Computer do you really need

-We are going to take a look at what is exactly required and what you can do and what is offered at every tier of hardware