Growing up in the Modern World

It took me many years to find the right people to work with. Finding a good friend is so difficult. Finding more good friends is almost impossible.

When I went to university, I could not find anyone to work with. I was too young and inexperienced. I went to work midway to build friendships outside school and gain working experience. That made going back to school easier as I knew what I should do to complete school. But still after finishing, I could not find anyone to work with.

In Western cultures, individuality is nurtured. Some people mature and set their goals early. I never really fostered my own individual goals until the last few years. I was always chasing everyone’s goals. The goals were like becoming a medical professional, researcher, professor/teacher, and manager.

But being in tech, I learned tech people want to develop their own independence ever more so. I finally understood and gave up chasing everyone’s goals. I just now develop my own type of software in collaboration with my friends.

After many agonizing trials and errors working this and that, I then understood “personality”. My personality likes collaboration and some independence and control. It is like 50%-50% for me. I have to maintain that ratio to be me.

The greatest discovery I found in tech is to connect with people in higher education. From my perspective, people in higher education are more positive and “the sky is the limit!” for them. People in higher education are always looking up to the sky for new and bright things to discover and do. There is no room for negativity when doing that.

I realized this when I joined a Student Club at my old university. I never was really involved in any clubs/associations when I was in university. I now realized how much I missed. There are cultural and many like minded people that can sit and chat with about what I am experiencing and what I want to do.

I will start DISCORD channels soon for people interested in computers and education. I hope to create a live discussion. I am always near a connected device and would like to keep informed and posted and share.