Healthy Computing

I found it difficult to stay healthy learning and doing programming.

Since May 2020, I was in school learning my college diploma in computer programming and just recently finished. I gained a lot of weight because of school and the COVID pandemic.

Now that I am done school and have some taught skills in programming, I feel I need to address my weight and health issues.

I realized I should change my habits now as a middle-aged man. I am 39 years old.

I am losing muscle mass and it has been terrible. I heard the amount of muscles determines your overall health as you get older.

I have been trying to drink more citrus fruits like lemons and it has been helping.

I have been trying to become more active by walking more and traveling to new places.

I have been trying to do new things to keep my brain occupied and happy.

So far doing these 3 new things have been helping me lose weight.

But I still need to build up muscles which I am losing bit-by-bit everyday sitting in front of a computer each day. I seriously need to pick up weights for my overall health if I plan to do computers.