How much WordPress?

Over 30% of websites use WordPress. WordPress was just a blogging tool before and now is basically a WYSIWYG based website builder.

Even my college uses WordPress,

For my volunteer web development, the original site uses WordPress.

I tried creating a site using a theme I am familiar with and it functioned well but looked old fashioned.

I was introduced to a company that offers their WYSIWYG tools and 100+ themes for a very low price of $199 for lifetime access.

I find that odd but also appealing.

From my experience using WordPress, there are usually free lite themes available and then there are monetary upgrades to the PRO version of the theme that has more customization and options.

I see where the problem is now. The FREE version of the theme I was using was perfect. It had enough options to do what I needed. I just had to add some CSS code to remove one element. I did not need the PRO version …

The $199 lifetime access may be the only way to profit from theme development. The bonus is the WYSIWYG tools.

I have been using WordPress since 2012. I have not learned how to create a website that has the basic features like blogging in school yet.

I often see YouTubers advertise website builders like Squarespace and WIX to help develop their online presence.

But I often see in the comments from elite web developers criticize such use and promotion by software engineer YouTubers. They say as a web developer should be able to create your own website without these one-click website builder platforms.

That is what I find difficult in web development. You can go the pure self made route or the ‘WordPress’ route. I think you need to learn both.