My Xbox 360 Exploded – Microsoft’s Reaction

Hello Readers, I had a very interesting yet short story about Microsoft’s console and their support teams, if you could even call it that.

First some back story, I was given an Xbox 360 from a friend just something for me to play with earlier last year. I have enjoyed playing with it. It did a very good job at calming me down when I was tense and I enjoyed it, well this Friday things took a turn for the worst I go to the Xbox and press the power button only to be greeted with the red ring of death, a common issue for this generation of the core Xbox 360 the original white ones. I shut the console off unplug it for a few mins then plug it back in and the light was green for a second but the rings came back I press the power key and reboot it. It looks normal for a second until the lights shut off I Hear a loud pop and then smoke starts coming from the console I quickly unplug it and run it to my garage and immediately become angry and panicked. I then grab my phone and look up Microsoft’s phone number and try to find the right number after a while it opens a chat window I am used to these and have had some good luck with some of these… Sadly I was only talking to a robot.. I try to explain the issue but they didn’t program it for exploded Xbox 360s it then gives me a phone number to call (About time) so I give it my number and wait for the call.

I then get connected and I am explain the issue to the first man.. He then says let me transfer you, I then hear 3 beeps meaning call ended I figure it must be an issue with the line I then call Microsoft again I get a new guy… I explain the issue to him and how I’m willing to send the Xbox to them to have it fixed and pay for it regardless weather the issue was my fault or not he says yea our warehouse won’t take them anymore I don’t know much about business but I can understand it’s hard to support an old product I understand some companies do this but its whatever. I then ask how the issue can be resolved he says you can find someone local… Well not really issues as locally a lot of the people nearby don’t really have much knowledge on repairing consoles so I explain that’s not really an option. I then ask what else an option to go forward is. He says that I should look into a new console I explain the cost of that isn’t in the cards so I then explain how important it is to have this console working or some other system I then say if he isn’t willing to help me I am going to look into the Sony PS4 to which he says Yea that’s a good idea I hear a lot of people like it. I am now confused I ask him to repeat he says the same and that he used to use Sony Consoles. I am shocked by this and how they can’t stand behind their product. I then once more try to explain how important this is to me that the issue is resolved ASAP and while in the middle of me talking… He Hung up! Again! Let me clear something I am not mad that a 10 Year old Console is dead I am angry that the way it died became a big threat to my safety. And that Microsoft clearly really didn’t feel like helping me. They had no support for this device that once was the most popular in its generation. If this is the way their products are building and this is how they support their customers I want nothing to do with them. I ask you share this story so that someone high up and Microsoft can read this. I don’t care about getting my Xbox Fixed or replaced I just want to make sure they can fix the service so this doesn’t happen to anyone else I am upset with this and I want it fixed    

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