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Remembering John Fleming of Real Hardware Reviews (RHR)

John helped me practice and develop my skills in graphic design and tech journalism. He helped restart my journey in the tech space. He was always there for me to talk to and give me work on his website He even was my reference for a job here in Ontario while he was in Alberta. We never met in real life! But from my online interactions with him, I found him to be a great all around smart positive guy! Computer people are my people! I feel only computer people I can work with and understand.


I finished school in 2009 but could not do anything with my science degree because my GPA was too low. I applied to drug companies in the city for simple lab work but they asked for my GPA in the application process and I never got a reply. At that time, I was not in my element. I kind of like my majors but it took so much work and was stressful. I studied Integrative Biology and Biochemistry.

In 2012-2013, I tried venturing back to computers and did my own content creation. It did not work out well for me. My content was lacking. I needed a full team of writers and reviewers.

In 2013, I came upon and their YouTube channel. I was intrigued that 3 guys in Canada came together to form a tech review site. The videos were good and I liked the direction where the company was going. I joined the forum and saw that they hosted contests for prizes. I tried entering one and won something.

Then I stopped for a few years to figure out what to do for work in life. I did jobs here and there to learn and grow.

I contacted John again in 2017 and asked if he remembered the artwork I did and he did. We became friends and I asked to work for RHR. He gave me a good amount of work to do and also gave me a writing position. I could not keep up because I was back in school at my local college pursuing computer studies.

I stopped school and stopped working for RHR to venture in the tech work space this time to learn and grow again.

When I was out of work in 2019, I contacted John again and he gave me work. I learned how to draw graphics for featured images for articles and YouTube thumbnails. It was a rewarding but hard experience. Hard because I am not really artistic naturally.

Over the years, John helped me. His advice was always positive and led to greater things for me. I practised enough graphic design and writing that I was confident enough my output was good enough to be placed on his website.

I miss John. He was truly a great caring man. I want to help others like he helped me.