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Running … alone.

There are people like me.

There are people in my shoes.

I think my predicament and my interests are somewhat common and shared.

My journey to improve myself by learning computer programming for the past 4+ years was a long mentally challenging one. I had to change the way I think.

I don’t think many people “likes likes” programming. In general, people like the result more, they want the finished product.

I thought I was alone in this journey and doing this at my age.

I was worried I was alone in this journey of mine. Some people made me feel alone in my journey, which is horrible. 

Luckily, I found friends.

They helped me focus on the bigger picture …

We at, and are providing things. We create software utilities, tweaking tools for Microsoft Windows operating systems and computer games and document our journey.

We are happy and grateful that we can create things that are somewhat useful.

Thank you for your support!

We stayed true to ourselves and are doing something that is worthwhile we think.

The mindset change for me is a complete 180 degrees. I trudged through almost 4.5 years of school and life to become somewhat of a novice software developer.

I am currently in my last semester of college and it is challenging. I hope I can finish it!

I hope some people can benefit from my story. Visit to learn about my personal ongoing struggle to learn and grow to what I want to become, a programmer as a first generation Canadian (Vietnamese person born in Canada from Vietnam War Refugees).