Tweaking and Modding

Tweaking to add more functionality and options to operating systems is something I have been doing since MS-DOS days.

I remember changing ‘autoexec.bat’ and ‘config.sys’ to enable (“shifted”) more memory to run a game. Those were the good old days. I did not have to run out and buy more RAM. I was so excited when I could figure this out.

Tweaking taught me to seek solutions using whatever you had available.

As I am older now and can work, I am still tweaking. I am fond of it. Fond of maximizing usefulness out of a system.

I am working on customizing Windows. I feel that it is OK work. There is nothing too complicated. The customization done are documented by Microsoft and do not break anything too major. We currently have 3 projects based on customizing Windows: 1. Sophia Script for Windows, 2. Windows 10 Debloater, 3. Gaming Debloater.

But what else beyond this?

I have been thinking how interesting it is to modify cell phones, installing custom Operating Systems. I think that is important. Important because it allows for longer longevity of the device and lead to less e-waste protecting the environment.

Jailbreaking or Rooting sounds like a sophisticated process and everything associated with it seems alluring. Jailbreaking and rooting does lead to positive change. Changes created by jailbreakers and rooters often make their way into the official release.

Everyone uses a cell phone and I bet lots of people would love to use their old cell phone much longer and not have to replace it with the latest and greatest.

I am thinking about going down this path in mobile … It may not be worth it but it is interesting …

Also, I am trying to figure out what to do for work and stuff. I am trying to figure out how to work during this pandemic by being remote. There is only so much I can develop in Windows “customizers/debloaters”. All I am struggling with right now is creating a better UI for Sophia Script Wrapper and learning how to help program the full GUI SophiApp.

I am trying to live the remote life indefinitely. I trying to reignite my passions.