Why Programming?

Learning computer programming was a huge hurdle for me. For years I could only do basic stuff like HTML. Even CSS was challenging for me.

After many years in repairing hardware and sales, I finally went back to college to learn programming. I went to college because that is what I felt would be challenging enough and practical enough so that I would not get lost.

After second semester of programming I finally got how to do some programming that I wanted to do.

It cost basically nothing to learn computer programming. Just by “Googling” you get all the answers to all your questions. All you need is any 5 year old modern computer and good internet.

Right now I am in my last semester school at Durham College for Computer Programming. I found teachers who make learning easier and down to earth. Without the teachers I met I would not think I could have done programming.

Why I want to program? Extended version …

When I was younger back in elementary school, I had low-end PCs. I would figure out ways to improve its speed by tweaking it to make games work. I am fixated on tweaking as this topic as it makes me happy to figure out. I am happy to figure out ways to make things faster and work just right.

I am at a stage in my life that I should do what I like finally. Only if I did computers straight after high-school, I would have realized how important it is to do what you like. That means working in every field I am interested in first and then finally coming back to college for computers to learn how to program.

Nowadays if I can find a tweak or unlock something, or even optimize something in computers, that will make my day.

I am learning from great teachers at school and online. I have great role models to guide me now.