Windows 11? Why?

I installed Microsoft Windows 11 a few days ago on an AMD Ryzen 1600X and it looks nice. I like the UI. I just played with it for like 5 minutes. Very new feeling.

But according to this article on, Microsoft will block installing the official release on this CPU from 2017.

The TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot requirement is now necessary for Windows 11.

I think this will make many PC users unhappy. But security is the number one priority I guess now.

It will for sure make the PC market bustling. People will want the latest and buy new hardware …

I want to see how things play out in October when Windows 11 releases. It is going to be interesting!

I have a server that I bought used in 2019, it has a similar Ryzen CPU, 1600, that I got relatively cheap. I thought I could use this indefinitely as it has so much CPU power with 6 cores and 12 threads. Now with the Windows 11 CPU requirement requiring Ryzen 2000+ and 8th gen+ no one will buy this off me. Windows 10 has support till 2025 but …