NVME “Bait and Switch”

NVME was a welcome change for me.

I jumped on NVME when it was close to the price of a standard SATA based SSD.

I try to use NVME when I can as sometimes they are cheaper than SATA based ones.

Major manufacturers of NVMEs as of recently have been changing parts without letting consumers know.

I was surprised Samsung did this. I have the previous model mentioned Samsung 970 Evo Plus that recently got the swap according to TomsHardware article:

My brother is running it, older model.

I am hesitant to buy NVME now. I did not expect the top performing model to have swapped parts.

I need to research more how this affects real world performance. I read it is minor for Samsung 970 Evo Plus.

Both models finish large file transfer tests at the same time and that is what really matters right?

That is just one model. There are quite a few other manufacturers swapping parts and under performing. The list is long. Linus Tech Tips did a video on Samsung and mentions others.

According to the ExtremeTech article it seems only Intel has not swapped. I guess I will get Intel next time just to be 100% safe of what I am getting.