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Replacing iPhone Battery Myself

I have been using my iPhone 8 Plus since November 2018.

It has served me well.

I was planning to get a new iPhone to take advantage of dual SIM.

Here in Ontario Greater Toronto Area I am lucky to be on Freedom Mobile with their $199 yearly plan.

This plan includes 5GB of Data for the entire year and unlimited Talk and Text (old plan). The new replacement plan is like $179 for 12 GB and unlimited Talk and Text.

Recently Freedom Mobile got bought out and merged with Rogers.

They are offering existing customers 1GB of extra Data a month and freezing prices temporarily. That means I get 17GB of Data a year I think. (5GB + 12GB)

Having this opportunity I decided to keep this phone and replace the battery.

I was going to give my dad my iPhone 8 Plus but when I replaced the battery it felt like a new phone.

It was super fast and had a longer battery life. I opted to buy a larger capacity battery about 4600 mAh which is greater than the one that originally came with the phone which was around 2691 mAh.

I am currently in North York in Ontario, Canada at a Pizzaiolo typing this article. The battery lasted like 2 days.

I am so happy for just mere $30 and some elbow grease, I replaced the battery myself.

It came with all the tools including the adhesive waterproof seal. 

I think I had some trouble installing the seal but I think it should be OK.

I am not sure about the longevity of this battery but I bought the more pricey one with more reviews. 

I am hoping for another 2 years with this phone. I like the IPS screen.

I might buy my dad an iPhone SE2 phone to replace his aging Samsung S4 he uses for WiFi messaging. SE2 because he can use a physical Home button. It is only $399 CAD in Costco and should last as long as mine did.