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iPhone 13 – After the Hype

After an incident I’d rather not dwell upon certain events that have led me into a position where I needed a new phone. And after the good luck with the last 11 phones i’ve owned I decided once again to go ahead and choose myself an iPhone again this time the 13 however I decided to go with one that is not a pro and having played with it I don’t exactly miss it as I often feel a wave of motion sickness while using an 120Hz Display as I have tried with my galaxy S20 however It is usually easier to manage with having tried an iPhone 13 Pro but I am still more than okay with a 60 hz display especially with a phone I have never felt like I needed more especially with what I do.. So how is it, Well so far a lot of the phone is been covered to death and we really don’t tend to need much so I am going to share the experience after the Hype has died down, So looking at the phone we so far are able to see that there is a smaller notch which is nice however I never really had too much of an issue with the notch on my 12 beyond this there isn’t much of a difference on the outside, The camera for as much as I use it is FAR more clear I would go even farther to say that it is better than the one on my iPhone 12 Pro however I will say I do somewhat miss the 2x lens as that was a nice touch be that as it may you will still get some impressive photos out of this phone the phone takes some beautiful pictures as well as amazing videos its pretty hard to get a bad photo and even better than that all models included the Cinematic video mode which was a more than welcome addition I feel the new sensor is to thank for this The design perplexed me a little bit looking at the back the camera lens was in somewhat of a domino arrangement as I call it, Originally I thought this was to differentiate it however upon looking at XRay Photos of it 

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Under an x ray thanks to ifixit we can see that there is quite literally not enough room to place it in the regular layout, thankfully (At least on the 6.1” Model) This does not have a negative hit on the battery life actually this has a longer battery than most of the phones I have had in the past as a matter of fact I did end up bringing this phone on me with a Long Weekend camping trip and I learned why it was called the iPhone 13 (1 Charge = 3 Days) Of course this is just me being playful however since I got the phone my record is 4 days which is more than enough as typically I charge my phone next to me every evening so to know that the phone will last me everyday is actually more than good enough for me any extra is just a bonus and this was actually one of the biggest complaints with my last phone as I often had a hard time getting through a shift at work let alone the day with my old phone. Moving forward the phone still feels slim as ever actually it feels a hair thinner than my 12 Pro the Model I got was the “Midnight” Colour despite me really wanting a blue one the best way I can describe their new colour is a very very very very very dark navy probably not far off from what batman uses should he need navy. 

Blue iPhone 13
Black iPhone 13

Other than that there isn’t much on the outside… On the inside and using the phone.. My god is it ever fast, The phone takes very little time to do anything no matter what installing apps and updates blink and you’ll miss then for real It’s worth noting that while i’ve had the phone I have been experimenting with the Beta iOS 16 and I must say this is quite the pair I have been really happy with this phone and I don’t think I could be happier and it’s strange because have my 12 not have stopped working I don’t think I would have given it a shot however I am glad I did now if you have a 12 should you get a 13? No.. I still feel its close enough where if you can hold out the 14 is promising some really nice additions think of it as the 14s and better than that the cost difference is almost not even there and this is really going to help drive home the fact that Apple is clearly been on a pretty good track and its seemingly only going to get better however, if you’re in the same situation i’m in or your using one of their older models.. Well I dont think youll be disappointed especially coming from an 8 or XR