Mobile Devices

Apple iPhone 8 in 2021

I am still using my iPhone 8 Plus in 2021. I bought it back in November 2018.

It is still working good. The battery life is OK. I still get a full day of usage.

I am thinking of getting a iPhone 12 Mini in December to replace this phone. I crave more speed now and would like a better display. The iPhone 12 Mini seems to meet all my expectations.

When 2022 comes, I hope life will resume normally again for the world. I will get back on a monthly data plan and get the new iPhone on 2 year contract so I can go outside more to enjoy while having tons of data.

I used to have like 11GB of data for very cheap for like $44 a month and I would only use 4-5GB on average doing whatever I wanted. I was a cellular sales employee and was locked into a lifetime plan even after I quit working. I change to a prepaid $199 plan last year for unlimited talk and text with 5GB of data a year during the pandemic to save some money. I saved over $300 for both my account and my brother’s on this plan.

I don’t know what is wrong with my iPhone 8 Plus sometimes. Sometimes in Instagram app it loses touch requiring me to close and relaunch the app. Sometimes it autorotates to landscape I am not sure whats wrong but it happens sometimes which is annoying still. I feel it may be time to get a new phone after 3 years by December of this year.

99.99% of the time it works as needed. I think that is good enough to get another iPhone.