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What Purpose does a 2010 iPad serve Today? – FreeTimeTech Shorts

Hello readers, after being donated an original iPad I had an interesting thought: what purpose can an original iPad Serve in 2022……… In short, not a lot.. While i was able to get a somewhat moderately up to date copy of Dolphin (A web browser alternative to safari) most web pages refuse to open given the modern standard of the internet not being up to par on such a vintage device now the primary reason I was after it is I am what’s often referred to as a nostalgia nerd meaning that I tend to love all aspect of technology new and old and I find it really fun to go over what the previous iOS ui is within the copy of iOS 5 that came bundled on this particular unit is a lot of fun to revisit for me as it’s reminiscent of my iPhone 4s as well as all the other devices I used from the era  

While that’s all fine and well what does that mean for the average user 

And again I responded… not a lot.. On the surface (No pun intended)

However I believe the issues that’s being encountered is that I am trying to use the tablet in the same way I did in 2010 which was heavily focused on applications that are now for the most part unsupported and while the few apps i was able to load onto the iPad are mainly thanks to the downgrade rights i have from having my account from 2006 still some applications have been updated too far to be useful however that being said I have found that if you can get past the low res display….. This still is a very good device for media consumption for example i still have quite the iTunes library with just about every from of media they offered from music to tv and movies as well as ringtones, and the iPad *(With the help of iTunes from my laptop) was able to load them just fine as a sorta offline media player which is useful especially to load the device up and bring on a plane

Another useful scenario is to use it as a vintage app library I myself have had a lot of fun reinstalling classic versions of some of my favorite games a lot of which i prefer the old version IE Angry Birds but there are also some fun nerdy stuff to have installed case in point I was able to install Python and write some basic programs now while if you need to write in python I suggest using a real computer it is a fun time killer or party trick to be able to write programs from a really old iPad, (Maybe someone can use it to make a modern web browser to make this even more useful) 

This article was not created to tell everyone to go out and buy a first gen iPad and throw every computer you own away… but I am hoping that it conveys a slightly different message and the message being I hope that before you discard old technology you look at it and not think what is this good for but what can I make this do, I realized how much fun you can have with an old iPad like this 

Thank you for reading