When benchmarking GPU/Video/Graphic cards, the benchmarking program 3DMARK 11, comes to mind. However, the name is ironic in a sense that the score it produces depends on the CPU used also. ?

For example, when an AMD Radeon HD 7770 is benchmarked on 3 completely different CPU systems, we get the following:

  1. Intel Pentium E5200 (2 x 2.5GHz, G41 chipset, 8GB RAM)
  2. Intel Pentium G2120 (2 x 3.1GHz, Z77 chipset, 8GB RAM)
  3. Intel Pentium i7-4770K (4 x 3.5GHz w/HT, B85 chipset, 8GB RAM)

This shows that the P Scores are dependent on the CPU used and its underlying subcomponents. It looks like it is tied to single-thread performance more than multi-core/multi-threaded. However, when this is done using Unigine Heaven Benchmark, we get the similar scores but this time it is not dependent on the CPU.

Unigine Heaven Benchmark is a great benchmark for getting actual graphics benchmarks not dependent on the rest of the system; isolate only the GPU.