Scoring Deals

I have the personality to buy when I save like 20% off the item at minimum. I never want to pay full price unless I need it now.

Working and living in Canada, margins are pretty slim.

When I was working at a supermarket, the profits were like 2-3%.

When I was working in the computer sales department at BestBuy the profit for a gaming laptop was like $45 for like a $1799.99 price ticket.

With no working benefits and people working part time and on contracts, we all need a deal.

Government jobs are contract based too. My younger sister is a social worker for the government and is contract based.

She is so money cautious on everything she buys.

With everything that is going on right now in the world. Deals are sparse. Some companies are making huge profits because of this pandemic we are having …

Sometimes you meet a good seller on various selling outlets (Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, eBay and BST Forums) to score a deal.

I am over the moon on a recent deal I got.

I scored an first gen AMD Ryzen 5 1600X CPU for $50 + $20 Shipping = $70 CDN.

It is hard to find deals now. I guess I will wait and hunt. It is such a satisfying feeling really so that is why I do it.