What’s Next in Programming

What to develop?

As an older man going back to school, I have this feeling that I just want to do what I like and have a hard time listening to the rules.

I understand that school is structured in the standard basic ways of learning for everyone, mostly for new college students.

I have experience in the working world as a computer technician and sales. Those experiences have given me an idea of what I want to build in software development. For example, when working at AMLCSL, the boss used a $300 piece of software to tune up a PC. He paid for the license every year. I was tired of dusting out computers and thought to myself that I should build something like that one day.

So far I built some utilities that optimize and fix. They are small but do serve a specific purpose.

  • BTG’s Gaming Optimizer is a tweak tool to setup Windows 10 for gaming. I recently updated it. I think I can add more stuff to this one later.
  • FTT’s Network Fix and Optimizer is something I recently updated for new Windows 10 system deployment. I am really happy with this one. I don’t think it needs any more updates.

When I was developing them, I did not really Google for examples of programs. I was looking at StackOverflow and Documentation for help snippets.

Then I found GitHub and saw other utilities and how other people made them. My ways weren’t so different after all. Programming I feel becomes one language and there is a standard way of approaching problems I guess.

There is this fork in the road in software I approached: 1. Open Source and 2. Paid.

In my mind, when I was younger, I always tried to get paid software because it had support and fast updates.

Open source solutions sound like something someone created in their basement in their free time with updates once in a blue moon.

Farag’s Sophia Script is continually updated. On our second channel BTG, we try to work with him on his Sophia projects. It is a massive undertaking as the projects serve to be the best Windows 10 ‘Debloater’ that is free and open source.

No one really wants to help his open source projects in the area of ‘Debloaters’ and not get paid. There are many paid solutions and some free ones too but not one farag’s scale.

I, David, do not mind working and creating free software. I like the idea that I am in a space where not many people want to create what I create for free.

There are people that create free software like farag, oZ-Zo/Inectic (farag’s friend who programs the full GUI version of Sophia Script into SophiApp) and I. We 3 have the personality and drive to create such free things I guess.

BUT ultimately, I hope to become a high school teacher so I get money and create software in my free time. I like the freedom of teaching and to think independently. Eventually, through personal self-development and maybe a job or two in the field, I hope to learn the skills necessary to develop all sorts of things I want.

In terms of website traffic and popularity, FreeTimeTech has grown bigger than BenchTweakGaming. When I develop things I truly like, it is also what most other people like too. We created content on BTG just to fill up the site. We have to now look at creating more passionate projects.