Streaming Entertainment!

What is life without some laughs and giggles? We all need entertainment. Movies seem to fill that need.

I used to have cable TV. It was great having a good selection of things to watch. I would spend hours and hours watching TV. I would even try to watch every channel just to see if I could enjoy what they were broadcasting.

In 2021, I now have NetFlix and Amazon Prime. I used to watch a lot as it was on demand and the selection was high.

Now there are like ‘100+ streaming services’. Each now vying for your subscription.

To get the Marvel movies, I think I need Disney+. I like Marvel movies.

How many streaming services do you need to get what you want now? 1 or 3? …

Each streaming service now has their own production I think. It is getting so interesting to have more movies being created from streaming services. The big comfy reclining seat theater experience does not seem so appetizing no more when you can lay in your pajamas on your bed binge watching.

I think I should just stay on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I must have some restraint.