GTA V (GTA 5) Boost FPS – Tweak Utility

With this FREE software, you can easily change these settings (see image above) in GTA V game. Great for Intel Graphics!

LINK to Download:

NOTICE: We have a new website dedicated to benching and tweaking games:
Future game tweak software will be hosted on

We do not see these settings inside the game menus so we created this tool. This program searches for the “settings.xml” file in your user directory and changes the following lines seen in the image below highlighted. The lower the number the more faster the game. Lower number makes the image less detailed.

-lodScale Set LOD Distance Level.
-pedLodBias Set Pedestrians LOD Distance Bias.
vehicleLodBias Set Vehicles LOD Distance Bias.
-shadowQuality Set shadow quality
LodBias values are tied into the MaxLodScale value.


Close the game then run this utility to change the settings using the sliders and click the “Change” button. There are also presets in the “Options” menu: Low and Lowest.
Close this tool and run the game.