Go New or Stay Old?

Today is the day Intel released their high end Alder Lake CPUs.

I headed over to article on it:

Looking through the article I saw this new revision is good with the two types of core design (P-Core: Performance) and (E-Core: Efficiency). Performance cores are suited for big jobs while Efficiency cores are for small tasks.

The conclusion is that incorporating this new design with two types of cores is right. It needs Windows 11. You need to upgrade everything to benefit from this, needs DDR5 and supports PCIe 5.0.

Will I upgrade to it? 

I wish.

There comes a point in your technology life that you are happy with your current hardware.

As a tweaker, I like modifying PCs for more performance but it is through software. How much more performance could you get with a high-end system??? How much for an Atom based laptop? It is fun making a low-end device fly. It is a good feeling.