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iPhone 15 Plus – What’s the difference

So I was recently given the opportunity of getting a somewhat early upgrade from my mobile carrier to upgrade to an iPhone 15 Plus from my iPhone 13 and as a Bonus I got an extra 120GB of Data seemed like a Win Win 

While my 13 was still fine and well rather than selling it or trading it in 

My girlfriends iPhone Xs was a evidently on the way out  and i thought it would be a nice early christmas gift to swap out the Xs for the 13 

So on Black Friday morning I have gotten a Black 128GB iPhone 15 Plus 

Upon opening the box I first of course noticed it was bigger but arguably cooler than it being a bigger phone. It’s ever so slightly rounded however rather than a design choice it feels purely functional in the sense that it is easier to hold rather than anything else which is a great touch. Another design decision that I really missed from my 12 Pro was the frosted glass back as I found it to be a beautiful design decision. Other than that business as usual after using it for a bit here are my thoughts.

According to my math the 15 Plus offers the most features that matter to me on a day to day basis making it by default the best value this time around while it is nothing groundbreaking it is a series of enhancements that will combine to make a rather desirable package.

Typically I tend to spring for a 6.1” iPhone as that is what I am the most accustom to I have built a muscle memory to it as I’ve been using the 6.1” Since the iPhone XR has come out and found it to be a rather good size for a phone and while I was about to get another base model iPhone there was something that had jumped out to me as being interesting. While I was looking into the spec sheet, I had noticed that

The Regular iPhone 15’s Battery Size was 3349 MAH


The iPhone 15 Plus offers a battery size of 4383 MAH, that is a fairly significant increase and this stood out to me because this was the year that they have changed the base iPhone 15 CPU that I suspected to offer a greater amount of efficiency and while I was mostly certain that tended to be the case it was confirmed by Mr. Whostheboss on YouTube that yes the iPhone 15 Plus’s Battery lasts longer than any of the other iPhones released recently by the tune of ~2 hours*** in practical use and in my experience I took my phone off at 4AM and by 2 it was still at 100% with fairly heavy use in -5C weather I am happy to report that this phone will last you 2-3 days which is great however for those that tend to hold on to their iPhones for more years when the battery turns older the 2-3 days should easily get you through a day offering the greatest amount of longevity that I hadn’t seen Since I got my iPhone XR in 2018 the battery to me is the greatest feature of this phone. This to me is the killer feature because what good is the rest of the phone if the battery is dead.

Moving right along to the display it features a 6.7” OLED display it is amazingly bright and while it still uses 60hz in reality it doesn’t affect me much in day to day and honestly the battery savings are worth more to me than the display moving slightly faster my feeling towards the lack of an always on display are mirrored the battery cost is not worth the battery drain or potential display burn-in to me. However, a welcome addition is the Dynamic Island it doesn’t have a negative effect on photo quality the way the Galaxy S10 did when it came out as well as Face ID being as good as always for me. That being said it keeps information I don’t necessarily need a full notification for such as AirPods Connected or a quick tab to get to a timer or current songs. It saves screen real estate on the larger phone which is personally a win it is also nice to see that the once exclusive feature is coming down to the regular one which is a nice bonus.

As far as the performance… it’s a modern iPhone it does everything I need with a reasonable amount of speed they’ve been fast enough for a while since the XR Came out

Anything newer than an 11 is typically good as far as speed goes and as far as I’m aware however as far as speed is concerned the biggest performance increase is as a result of the additional ram jumping from 4 à 6 GB which is nice to have more items running in RAM and prevents more ejection this is honestly a good feature to have more so than a bigger speed increase as I feel my phone has been fast enough for a while even for someone like me who uses it for more than average. (I have felt this since I got Windows XP running in a VM on my iPhone 8)

Onto the camera

The new iPhone in low light is stellar which is a nice increase and a jump to 48MP is also great plus a nice bonus it looks great and it is nice that we finally got a jump from the 12MP on the photos are great as always though I don’t share take photos of very much there are better sources for photos however for someone that doesn’t take many photos this is actually great the photos are enough to be a noticeable jump from my 13 which is great for me

In the end it’s a moderately more modernized iPhone with a lot of the new feature that I was after the USB C port is actually incredible given the fact that the port was enough to run a LaCie External hard drive off my iPhone as well as running Ethernet as well as USB C to HDMI off my phone with very little power being drawn I was unsure about a bigger phone however it took a mere few minutes to adapt it does help they rounded the phone to make it easier to hold which is nice I am very happy with it so far and the only thing that would make it better is if I got another DBrand grip for it 😉 as those are really the best case.