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iPhone 8/8+ in 2020 How has it aged

Hello there 

I had an issue recently come up this being that my iPhone 7 has recently had enough go wrong with it that I decided to just go ahead and replace the phone with a new iPhone and Just before I pulled the trigger on the 2020 iPhone SE I decided to go with the iPhone 8 as I was offered a really good deal on one… However Did I make the right decision 

Let’s investigate this is going to be a bit of a different review as usually this either me or David writing it but as David uses an iPhone 8+ as his daily driver I thought he would be a good candidate to share his thought on the matter so the first part will be me the second will be David

Ben’s Half

Okay So first I’m going to talk a little bit about the iPhone 8 I recall when this was new being just as excited about the 8 as I was with its counterpart the iPhone X there was enough new with each of them to the point that I was excited with either device when I first took it out of the box my first thought was wow they really did perfect the design of an iPhone with the home button being a nice glass sandwich minimal antenna lines while still not compromising on the service coming in some of the nicest colours of any of the iPhone that have come before it just amazing. The performance being again based off the iPhone X is just as good as you’d expect of any major flagship from the Era while still being good today and even not being too far off from the 2020 iPhone SE this was also the first iPhone to offer 4K@60FPS as a matter of fact if it wasn’t the first phone to offer 4K@60 it was the first to offer you being able to record until you run out of storage or battery which ever is up first speaking of storage and battery this was the first year apple dropped the 32GB Base model and bumped it up to 64 on the base which was nice and the battery life is pretty good it’ll easily get you through the day if you use the phone about as much as my grandmother that being not very often you’ll get alot of life out of it overall if you get a good deal on the iPhone 8 its a very worth competitor to the iPhone SE 2020 now full disclosure some of you may recall that my daily driver is an iPhone XR Black 128GB so the 8 is more of a secondary phone for me however if you wanna know how useable the 8 is as a daily driver here is where I turn the review over to David to let you know his side of the story with the 8 Plus 

David’s Part

As an iPhone 8+ user for almost 2 years, I am shocked how good the performance of speed and battery life it still has for my activities. Well my activities really haven’t changed much. I now use Instagram and AnyDesk apps regularly.

The premium feel of this phone gets me every time. I am very aware of having this device around me all the time as it is expensive. I still pay $25 on top of my phone plan for it. The screen is a sight to see. I never have any huge eye sore viewing it for long periods.

Near the end of my contract, I plan to get another phone. I hope to see what deals they have for iPhones in December. I hope to get a 1080p screen so I can use AnyDesk full screen. But the iPhone SE2 is not 1080p. I guess I will have to wait. I might continue to use my iPhone 8+ and get a SE2 for my sister to try Apple. That is the plan.

I am glad I made the switch. My 2017 Android LG Stylo 3 Plus I got for $400 is so slow for my usage in 2020. The battery for it sucked and I had to get a $40 replacement.

I am glad I put in the money to buy the Apple service for updates to the iOS. That means less e-waste and more refinement in the product. Shouldn’t every phone maker do that? It is socially responsible. I have a few Android phones that I basically tossed over the years because it is so useless to me.