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Selling Cell Phones

This article was written in 2019 and updated.

I have been working selling cell phones and plans for a while now at a big chain located in a supermarket. I have been working over a month full time.

We carry all wireless carriers and offer an abundant number of cell phones ranging from prepaid flip phones to high-end iPhones and Samsungs.

Essentially, I am selling one product. It may look like I am selling all different phones and plans but it is just one thing I sell that varies very slightly. Like what is the real difference between a iPhone 11 to 12? What is the difference between a Samsung vs Apple besides the operating system? All the apps are available for both Android and iOS really.

I think I have learned almost everything I need to know about cell phones. I am more confident than I was before when I was selling electronics at Best Buy.

To help me, I have two phones: Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Google LG Stylo 3 Plus. By having both devices, I can tackle almost every problem a customer asks.

It is a learning game with this job. I stand for most of the day saying “Hello/Hi” to supermarket shoppers. When they look kind of interested, I ask them more about what phone and carrier they are using. I normally ask if they are happy with their current cell phone and carrier first.

At my store, we want to serve our customers to be lifelong customers. We help them with everything they need. Customer service is our top priority.

Also there isn’t a lot to learn about cell phones usage in general. As long as you have been using a phone more than 3 months and on a plan with data you are golden at this job.

I like that I sell a device and service that connects people. It is a very social job. I get my dose of exercise and social communication everyday. Sometimes I miss not going to work because I enjoy being around people. My sales numbers were good so I am good at sales I think.

I think I should of done sales as a career rather than be stuck behind a computer sometimes. I also get my exercise daily by walking around for 8+ hours a day. I feel sick if I don’t exercise no more. I used to sit all day while fixing, programming or drawing. It is a huge difference in lifestyle.

I am glad I tried this. My body and mind needed this change of work experience. I sell a device that makes people talk and waste time in a good way. Or is it? LOL … Definitely a de-stressor.

UPDATE (April 20, 2021): When I look back at my experience selling cell phones at a large retail dealer, I feel I learned so much in terms of working with people daily in public. I am very comfortable now when talking with people. Most people are social beings. The area where I worked was very busy and pretty well off in the region so I had more room to upsell. I also worked in a less well off area too and I managed to sell a few things. It was pretty hard to push products on customers with lower income. But really, if a customer has $45 a month to spend and a VISA/Mastercard credit card, they are very willing to buy a good cell phone.

After working selling computers and cell phones, there is one business that I did not try yet: repairing cell phones.

In my city I live in, it is filled with people and all walks of life, and mass immigration. There are a few cell phone repair shops at the major intersection near the busy McDonalds, bus stops, and near the university/college. I think this is the hot spot of my city.

When I was working at AMLCSL computer repair and sales store, we would send cell phone customers to one of them giving them business while they send their computer problems to us. The cell phone repair business is very interesting business I think. I think its more profitable and easy than computers nowadays. All parts are available to buy and all fixing video tutorials are freely available on YouTube.