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LG G7 ThinQ – Why is this Device so Under Rated

Hello Readers,

So recently I returned my Galaxy A8 because of a major defect with the device as the audio would strangely cut out and overall Samsung’s experience on the phone just didn’t work well ultimately I mean come on the phone had 4GB of ram why does it run about as well as my S3 why are the problems I had with Samsung in 2012 still a problem to this day so I ended up returning the phone and in its place I was offered an LG G7 ThinQ so I took it and I was playing with it.      

I am not new to LG Devices or Android now I have played with countless devices from tons of manufactures of all of them my favorite of all time was the LG G4 the customizability of the stock skin the device that refused to change to meet what other manufacturers wanted to do (Which was basically a clone of the iPhone(Which is what drove me back to iPhone in the first place)) was something special LG wasn’t afraid to take risks and because of it. It ended up making something far better in my opinion the direction they took with the G4 Is likely what lead to my hatred with the LG G5 it symbolized that LG was going in a rough directing and thanks to the G5 it lost many loyal customers and nobody looked at the G6 one of LG’s Greatest phones because of the stigma that followed the LG G5.         

But is LG’s G7 (ThinQ) the Gem I remember it being well let’s find out. My first impressions were overall positive the box was high quality and It packaged well and with a microfiber cloth a smart addition may I add because when I picked the phone up I realized how slippery it was and I knew it was a fingerprint neodymium magnet speaking of the back then I was a little upset about my carrier not having the grey one in stock but it ended up being okay because the black aurora is something cool it is black but in light on certain areas there is a blue shift it looks really interesting to me.          

Booting the phone up I really was able to appreciate the screen and how high the resolution was it made a few items harder to read or see in comparison to the XR but not bad overall. The Phone Is strangely useable with one hand and reaching was no issue for me I do have medium sized hands and it ended up being nice to use during the setup they give you the choice to disable the notch which will be great for some but the problem I have with it is if you’re going to have a notch then just own it LG but different strokes for different folks.  

Once the setup was finished, I began to play with the phone, and It was fairly nice to use I liked it.   I installed a list of apps from the A8 using LGs awesome backup service it was a very interesting system that allows me to use so many methods I tried the SD so I could have the backup data however sadly it didn’t copy the app data and a few settings but that’s okay I imagine its due to Samsung’s build of Android being really locked down For Samsung experience only.        

Once the setup was complete, I notice how vivid and vibrant the screen was it had great colors and it was like OLED with little to no risk of burning it. I then go to open the app drawer to open the apps installed and I didn’t see a button for it, so I swipe up and nothing happened. Turns out that there is no app drawer I was so happy because I hate the app drawer I don’t see much point to it but they let you enable it if you desire the launcher is very fast and worked very well and I enjoyed playing with it and the phone was fast throughout the entire device… Well… would you look at that Samsung there are devices with 4GB of ram that can run fast and efficiently and quickly really the phone can boot up in like no time at all and I enjoy the sound and animation. On day 1 I go to plug the charger in, and I was very happy to use USB-C. LG was one of the first to use that connector when the LG G5 came out and happy to see the stuck with the decision I don’t miss Micro USB far too fragile and I am still happy with this move. However, after day 2 I was at the store with a friend and I found a 10$ wireless charger so I bought it and it works and works mostly well so long as you center it, but this may be my charger.        

One thing I really like is the fact that LG can acknowledge that they didn’t write android and try to basically hide the fact google wrote it Yes LG did make their own launcher but there are some useful features added to it. LG does have their own suite of apps, but they don’t overshadow Google’s version, some of them can even talk to Google’s equivalent.        

And the assistant is the google assistant, not a poor version just so they can take over more of the experience it makes no sense why. Some of the UI additions like rain on the lock screen are fun to look at without disrupting the notifications just thought I’d point it out as it’s a nice addition.      

The camera was easy to use but can become more complex than a DSLR if you desire the photos seemed good and I will upload sample photos soon in comparison with the XR the Video can record 4K@60FPS but the phone only allows 6 minutes it looks okay but could be a bit better the iPhone has far better video quality.    Now for the feature that sets the LG G7 apart from the pack as some back story every android device I have used has had terrible audio quality regardless of whether I was using the speaker or headphones across every single device for example I have Sony Headphones I really like to use but I and I decided because I forgot to make a song offline to just play the song on a Galaxy A5 and it sounded strange so I turned my data on and played it with the iPhone and it sounded far better regardless of equalizer And it was like that for every phone I tried but my friend with an LG V30 (First Device to have this feature) was telling me how good the DAC was on his phone I never tried to but he was not kidding he sure was right it sounded incredible when I Plugged the headphones it sounded good there were still some songs I had that sounded better on the iPhone but my god does this phone do a good job of that it really is a game changer plus it has an EQ with settings that actually matter LG this is something great! As for the advertised “Boombox Speaker” well if your recall a boombox they are generally not known for the best sound just loud sound and sadly that’s true it doesn’t sound very good, but it is loud it’s not bad but it’s not great. But at least LG is making an effort to make a proper Android experience much like when I plug a Samsung into a mac why is it that I always have to enable USB debugging to the end user like my mom she would have no idea how to do that if she needed to get a phone ready if she hasn’t done that and she wouldn’t know where to look for it she is unfamiliar with stuff like this the experience LG offers is far better.    

So in conclusion this phone is great IMO it is better than a Galaxy S9 and due to the software they offer it is a nicer device to me the software is a reason I love my iPhone so much, in the end, it is worth it to me and there is finally an android device that has surpassed the LG G4 that is so long as they can promise to update my phone for at least 2-3 years that all I’m asking I mean come on I don’t think that’s too much to request this is probably one of the reasons your losing to Samsung (even though you shouldn’t…) in the End the G7 is a great phone if you get it for a good price and I highly recommend it