Graphics Designer – My Experience

When I was younger, I found drawing to be an activity that I liked to do. I would try to draw all the time in my spare time.

In high-school, my teacher in computer media design thought I should pursue design. I felt I was not good enough. So I put it away for many years.

After finishing school and working for a while, I went back to drawing graphics for a local computer store that did a bit of everything.

I volunteered for a year and practiced a lot.

Most of the time, I like doing Logo Design. Here is a sample of my logo designs.

Logo designs over the years.

When I am drawing it is draining. It takes a lot of energy for me to create something new and unique.

I do believe I need more practice if I want to do this. There are so many talented graphics designers on the Internet that offer the same service for less. For example, I tried out working on and found it very difficult to compete in this field. There are sooo many talented artists in the world. It is so amazing and stressful for me to see the levels of creativity on a platform like Fiverr. When you add competition the level goes through the roof.

I kind of want to practice more and work in this field to see what will happen.