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Galaxy J16 V.S. iPhone XR – Yes Were doing this

I recently Purchased the Cheapest Phone I could find at a nearby store as well as upgraded my daily driver to a device on the higher end of the spectrum so I thought it’d be fun to compare the two ends of the market.

The two devices in question are

The Black 128GB Apple iPhone XR  


The Samsung Galaxy J16 8GB Black

So this is what the Results were

First lets goto first impressions


So Opening up the boxes the iPhone had a much higher quality cardboard as well as the documentation was also on a better quality of paper the box was formed to perfectly hold everything like the charger rather than seeming like an afterthought as well as including headphones was a nice touch a very different contrast to the J16 which the standout feature on the box was the fact it had more than one font on the 6 in J16

First Impressions of the Device

The iPhone was in the famous plastic that is so satisfying to take off

The J16 may have been in a very cheap plastic bag and possibly with a film on the screen I don’t remember it didn’t end up being very important to me because it wasn’t memorable but I wasn’t expecting the highest quality not really an issue to me but a little bit sad from such a large company though

either way we ended up turning them on the iPhones setup took a little longer but there were more questions so i give it a pass on that the samsungs was shorter but a lot of the questions were pointless some of them could be classified as advertisements. A tad annoying to say the least.

Using the Device

Thankfully both have very good battery life and both can easily get me through 2 days  

that is where the similarities end

The J16 seems to be a plastic remake it’s like if the design of the s6 was made out of the material from the s5 and put into the s2 strange

the XR was carefully designed with high quality materials and a modern futuristic design very close attention to detail based only off of the highest end device they carried The iPhone X while still leaving some room to define itself

The J16 will often struggle to complete the most basic of tasks and show many and very frequent “Lag Spikes” whereas the iPhone never really encountered the same issues the iPhone was very fast responsive with a clean yet familiar interface where the J16 and feature seemed to be bolted on and never seemed to be anything special.

After a month with both

I still don’t believe I found the full set of features the iPhone has to offer and still continues to impress me. Another contrast with the J16 A device where battery saver mode and having a camera (and not a very good one) is advertised as a feature. The J16 has slown down even more and very quicly ran out of the only 8GB OF STORAGE BUILT IN WITH NO OPTION TO FORMAT THE SD AS INTERNAL!


So with the angrier tone I had towards the J16 you may think that Im gonna say that there is no reason to get the J16 and that everyone has to spend a large amount of money on their phone… But that’s not what i’m going to say very few people need to spend a large amount of money to get this level of phone honestly there are devices i’ve use like the Moto E5 Play that offer a far better value in this price range and It maybe a bit harder to make this decision what we are essentially doing is comparing a Chevy Spark to a Tesla and keep in mind most people I know that are most likely to use this device for more than a project like this.. It’s probably gonna spend the majority of that time in a Purse or Glovebox of a car  and for those users it’ll be fine but if you use it as a computer even for the most basic tasks like lets say even the odd facebook session you may want to look into the galaxy A series