I am pretty cheap. I sometimes pickup scrap computers laying on the curb. I use my devices until they don’t work no more or are no longer compatible with the latest Windows OS.

I like repairing computers. To repair and make things ‘new’ again is fun and interesting.

The extent to which I fix is to remount a broken capacitor to a GPU by soldering it back on. I have also replaced micro-switches in mice, created my own LED strips and computer cabling.

Soldering is a neat activity. Watching solder melt is fascinating. There is nothing quite like watching solid metal turn to liquid and back into a solid.

I think it is a nice skill to have. When working at the computer repair store AMLCSL, I used the soldering iron a couple of times. I soldered a fan connection wire and solder back a power lead in a PSU. At the store they had a good soldering iron and it made the difference.

But to do really tiny electronic work I think is something that is beyond me still. And the FUMES stink!