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iPhone 12 Pro Review

Hello readers! It has been a while since I treated myself to a new daily driver … correction it has been a while since I treated myself to a new cell phone because nearly every other device I use on a regular basis has been replaced very frequently. However, with my current cell phone the iPhone XR has been such as good phone to the point, I decided that I would hold on to it until there was something that truly “WOWed” me.

Not expecting much this year, I tuned into the Apple keynote and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw this year. The features that drew me to the 12 Pro this year or at least the three largest was it being the first iPhone with 5G Support. My phone carrier Telus allowed me a free upgrade to my cell plan to access the 5G network which was a cool addition how there was no cost associated with getting an upgrade to my network. But more on that later.

The second feature that drew me to the ring of magnets and the ecosystem that comes with it called Magsafe which has multiple interesting use case scenarios such as the leather wallet attachment, the car mount, Magsafe battery packs. This is only the beginning of what the iPhones Magsafe ecosystem will begin to offer us.

So far the iPhone has been remarkably impressive. The phone is very fast with the New A14 Bionic CPU which is unlike anything I’ve used before. The phone now features 6GB of ram and that has corrected the biggest issue I’ve had with previous iPhones up to this point in that apps having been ejected from the memory as well as day-to-day the phone feeling a lot faster than generations before it.

I also find that the battery has been good lasting 1-3 days on average which is fine as I charge it every night. I also was blown away by the design when I took the phone out of the box. It in a word it was stunning. Very few devices have looked this good. I couldn’t believe what I saw the stainless steel side is impressive and the frosted glass back was a great touch. I absolutely love the look of the phone. It is one of the most impressive designs for a phone that is reminiscent of an iPhone 4s which was one of the best designs for a phone I’ve ever seen.

First ever, all variants of the iPhone 12 offer OLED Displays. While it is very similar to normal OLEDs, there is something incredible where in reference to the JerryRigEverything durability test this phone appears to be very resistant to “Burn In” Image retention so you get all the advantages with none of the disadvantages of OLED.

And in the end, while it’s an impressive device even with all the new features, it really isn’t cause for upgrade at this time. It’s still very similar to the 11 Pro and at least in Canada, 5G isn’t widely covered at this time. So if it’s an older device your coming from, like the XS/Max or XR or something older, it’s an amazing phone. Whereas if you have an 11 Pro, keep waiting out.