I have been using touchscreen devices since PDA days. Do you know Palm Pilots?

The current touchscreen I use is my Apple iPhone 8 Plus. It is my main touchscreen device.

I have bigger touchscreens like an LG tablet and an iPad but I don’t really use them because it is too big and heavy.

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus screen is just perfect for my eyes. Perfect size and resolution too. I have no trouble staring at it all day.

I always wanted to go bigger just to know. So this past few months I got a sweet deal on an Asus 21.5” touchscreen monitor. It was for half price.

I attached an old PC running Windows 10 on it and it works nice. But because it is too old, I can not get Android x86 on it.

I am saving up money to buy an AMD Ryzen 3400G APU to create a Dual-Boot PC (Win/Android). The problem is that there are none in stock anywhere. Maybe by September I can get it.

The Windows 10 Tablet experience is just OK with the Asus monitor and old PC. I could run an Android emulator to get Android. Hmmmm… I think I should do it.

I plan to set up the large touchscreen as a security monitoring device. So I guess I need to have Windows 10 anyway.

I wanted to try a pure Raspberry Pi touchscreen experience to learn about ‘credit card sized’ computing but I never bothered for some reason. I just like full blown Windows.