Being born in Canada, I lived the Western lifestyle for the most part.

I loved playing video games when I was a kid. I played for years and years.

In high school, I would play until 1-3 am in the morning on school days. Counter-Strike 1.5-1.6 was my favourite.

Gaming is a part of the Western experience. 

Movies based on gaming like the 1989 movie ‘The Wizard’ was like my favourite gaming childhood movie.

In 2021, I find that almost everyone has gamed before. The term ‘Gamer’ is now something cool to identify as. It is something people do to socialize and chill.

As an older man now, I found I just like to do the things I did when I was 13-14 years old. From reading psychology books and journals, I found that at the age of 13-14 is when your personality solidifies. Your interests don’t change much. I mostly gamed and toyed with computers at that age.

I am in school now to do computer programming. Every software program I do has something to do with gaming 🙂 It’s fun!