Mechanical Keyboards

I never really bothered investing in mechanical keyboards. I had them before way back in the beginning. I remembered them being stiff and loud with limited roll over. I could only press a few key combos at a time to register for gaming with the early ones. So it sucked for fighting games.

I guess as a child back then, I thought they were tiring to type on and too noisy for constant use.

I invested in membrane keyboards for the longest time.

With these cheap membrane keyboards for less than $10, I could easy buy a few for backup and toss away the old dirty ones.

I eventually sought ergonomic keyboards. I have a few Microsoft ones that I use constantly until this gem appeared last week.

Amazon sold a $14.99 RBG Mechanical Keyboard from the brand Pictek. It originally sells for $45.99 – $5.00 coupon.

AMAZON Link to Pictek keyboard

At $15, I said why not. I bought one and am happy. I am older now and find it nice to type on. The noise is alright. I like the feedback it gives. My fingers are stronger now when compared to when I was a kid.

Keyboards to me are disposable and get dirty. I don’t really want to invest too much money in them. Seeing $150+ keyboards being sold seems odd.

Anyways, I am happy that prices have dropped so low that I can finally feel it is OK to buy and maybe dispose of this accessory without losing much.