Gaming Debloater V1.1! Updated Aug 13, 2021!

Click ‘Load’ button and then click ‘Run Script’ to quickly debloat for gaming.

LINK to Download:

►Previous version (v1.0):


We based our tool on DaddyMadu’s GitHub PowerShell Scripts: as of July 27, 2021. Our tool is a mainly a front-end for the source scripts to make things easier to choose the many of options. We modify the base script to fix errors we find to make it work with our program. Check future developments section for ongoing development.

NOTICE: This program only edits and reads from TEXT files. Everything is done through text files so you can modify every option and function data.


There is a new front tab to the Gaming Debloater, ‘EZ Gaming Debloater’. By clicking ‘Load’ button it will select the ‘Preset’ in the ‘Options’ menu and load the script for you in the text box. Then you can ‘Run Script’.

This is a ‘Gaming Debloater’ with many gaming tweaks. There are 3 new tabs compared to the GENERAL ‘Windows 10 Debloater’ on our website.

The tabs allows you to create a PowerShell script file that you can run to finely tweak/’Debloat’ Windows 10 for gaming.

The options are arranged in different tabs and there is one preset in the Options menu. You can choose the preset first and add your own choices. You can also create your own radiobutton presets and share. There is also a ‘Opposite’ menu choice to select the alternate radiobutton choices. This is good to revert the changes in a script to run. IMPORTANT: Not all radiobuttons have opposite changes to revert back.

Click the little square button beside each radiobutton. This launches a text window to read/edit the function. Please be careful about editing the function.


We just added ‘EZ Gaming Debloater’ front tab page. We plan to add more descriptive tooltips. After these additions we will make a video. Stay tuned!


Added ‘EZ Gaming Debloater’ front tab page to quickly debloat.


Gaming Debloater released that is similar to our GENERAL ‘Windows 10 Debloater’ on our website with three Gaming Focused tabs.

Directly Running

You can directly run the PowerShell script from the program after creating your script. Fill in the radiobutton choices and click the ‘Output PowerShell’ button and click the ‘Run Powershell’ button. The “Run PowerShell” button creates a PowerShell script called ‘runpsscript.ps1’ in the same directory and runs it.

Manual Running

OR save the PowerShell script as whatever you wish in the same directory with the other files then run it using the following commands.

But first, launch PowerShell (Run as administrator) and navigate to where your script is.

  1. Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

YOUR_SCRIPT_NAME is the name of the PowerShell script you just saved.


If you think the script froze while running, wait for a sec or press SPACE bar on your keyboard. Do not press enter as it may be interpreted as a skip for the next function in script. If you encounter freezing that is PowerShell’s fault as a result of buffer overload sometimes.


There needs to be 8 files for this program to run properly.

►GamingDebloater.exe : The GUI program.
►data.txt : contains the options(function names) to select from (usually only 2 options that something is Enable or Disable). Notice the sectionsand how a comma and double quotes separate them. The last option in each section does not have a comma. Add or substract from the set.
►functions.txt : contains the complete functions named from data.txt. These are the commands that get run. Add or substract from the set.
►preset.txt : contains gaming preset. Click this option from the menu in program.
►tooltip.txt : contains ToolTips for each radiobutton option. In English.

►ooshutup10.cfg : O&O ShutUp10 config for silent install.
►MyDefaultAppAssociations.xml : Used for setting Default Apps association.

►README.txt : This text file for information and link resources.


Similar to GENERAL ‘Windows 10 Debloater’ on our website. Skip to 2:27 in video. New video coming soon!


We have an alternative on our site. It has an ‘EZ Debloater‘ menu page with buttons to quickly debloat and different options including 3rd Party installation of Adobe Reader, Java, Brave, MPCHC, VLC Player, etc., O&O ShutUp10, setting default apps associations and fine control of removing other 45+ Windows apps. Link:

Based on Chris Titus Tech scripts

We have an alternative on our second site – farag2 – Sophia Script. We work with farag2 on his Sophia Script. Link:

Based on farag2 – Sophia Script

We also have Optimize-Offline Front End. Optimize-Offline is a Windows Image optimization module for Windows 10. Our tool allows to easily change Optimize-Offline JSON configuration setting file using a GUI and Run O-O. Link:

Front End for GodHand’s Optimize-Offline scripts


WARNING! We are not responsible for any problems you may encounter using our software. Please read the instructions and watch the video carefully before using.
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