Feeling Bitcoin

Last time I talked about Bitcoin, I stopped mining it. I mined it for 2 days.

I still have my mining system without the GPUs. The GPUs are now being used for normal use in my other desktops.

I learned, grew and now I reflect.

I will revisit my stance on cryptocurrency. 

I grew quite a bit working on the things I wanted since the first article was published on April 19th, 2021.

I said before that monitoring my mining rig took my focus away from doing other things that I thought was more beneficial to me.

Now that I have grown a bit. I understand the ‘feeling’ you get from mining. There is practically no work involved and that gives you the freedom to do other things.

A couple of friends I know have been mining for years and years. Even my cousin back home is mining away making good profits. Each and everyone of them push mining on to me.

The freedom and freewill is the nerve that it tickles and scratches to satisfy every person doing this.

I was tired working 9 to 5 and tired trying to think of new ways to update and create.

Mining satisfies the human need to attain money easily without working or not working too much. It is a basic human need to try to attain this I think.

I will try this again soon. I need to do a couple of things before I try again. I think I understand the pull now.