Framework … PRO-Consumer?

I saw this laptop company advertised on LinusTechTips YouTube video here. It is a laptop designed to be elegant and repairable/upgradable.

It sounds great to the “10 year old kid in me” wanting something upgradeable and long lasting. But will this fly?

We live in a time of great wealth gap and worsening environmental conditions. Is this a solution for the massive computer laptop e-waste problem?

In 2018, I was taking a communication course at college and we had to create a project to present. One student brought up the idea of upgradable and modular cell phones.

This idea was done before by Google and failed. Failed because it won’t make money I think.

Most people are looking to save money and make the most money they can in their short lifetime aren’t they? Maybe we need this now for both cell phones and laptops because now we are living in the worst possible environmental conditions with wild fires burning everywhere and the ‘forever’ on-going pandemic.