Online Shopping

Since the first COVID lockdown here in the Toronto area of Canada on March 14, 2020, I was not sure how things would go. I was told this lockdown would last a few weeks at most.

Now it is June 2021 and luckily most of Canada has already been vaccinated. Physical stores are opening now and people are out.

I am lucky that I did not get infected. I am saddened that many people all over the world have gotten sick and died across the world. The world was not prepared for this. There are still parts of the world struggling with COVID.

When the pandemic started, online shopping became the norm. I remember Amazon was so busy that they had to limit orders and scale back.

Food and grocery delivery became the norm.

Many businesses went online selling their goods and services. Some are doing really well. Companies like Amazon are making massive profits … 

I was told by my nurse friend that once everyone in the world is vaccinated there is nothing to worry about really.

I hope everyone can stay safe and get vaccinated.