Which CPU Cooler?

Over my lifetime, I used almost every CPU cooler for fan heatsinks.

I used the three main tower coolers that are available to North America market.

  • Coolermaster 212 EVO 120mm Tower Cooler
  • Deepcool Gammaxx 400 120mm Tower Cooler
  • Noctua NH-D15 140mm Dual Tower Cooler

What do I recommend? I recommend the Coolermaster 212 EVO.

Let me explain. The Coolermaster one has the following attributes that make it my choice.

  • Good price at $32 here in Canada, Ontario, Toronto right now
  • Mounting hardware included for Push-Pull Dual Fan configuration
  • All metal mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel sockets
  • Quality PWM fan

The Deepcool one has a questionable fan quality, plastic backplate and steel wire fan mount for only one fan push configuration.

Noctua is super expensive but the best. The mounting hardware is great and Noctua offers future compatibility. But I don’t think AMD or Intel will change their mounts anytime soon. I think AM5 socket will be the same as AM4 and Intel will continue same physical dimensions of their 10+ year 1156 socket. We are at 1200 now which is the same.