Windows 10 Clean Up | Debloat Tool by FTT

Choose from the options: “Enable” or “Disable” or the gray-circle option which is “None” selected.

NEW Version @ for Windows 10 versions 2004/2009:

Use our FREE software utility to select what you want from the many options or choose a preset first from ‘Defaults’, ‘Minimum’ or ‘Maximum’ to create the ultimate tweaks PowerShell script to debloat Microsoft Windows 10! Create your own radiobuttons preset and share!

NOTE: This program is SAFE! Your Anti-Virus software (Microsoft Defender SmartScreen) may scan this program saying this is an unrecognized app and prevent it from starting. This is because we are a new software developer. This program only deals with text files. Click More info and Run anyway button when you see this popup.

LINK to Download:



This program creates a PowerShell script file that you can run to tweak/’Debloat’ Windows 10.

The options are arranged in different tabs and there are presets: Default, Minimum and
Maximum in the Options menu. You can choose a preset first and add your own choices. You can also
create your own radiobutton presets and share. There is also a ‘Opposite’ menu choice to select
the alternate radiobutton choices. This is good to revert the changes in a script to run.

Save the PowerShell script as whatever you wish and where then run it using the following commands.

But first, launch PowerShell (Run as administrator) and navigate to where your script is.

  1. Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

YOUR_SCRIPT_NAME is the name of the PowerShell script you just saved.


There needs to be 5 files for this program to run properly.

data.txt : contains the options(function names) to select from (usually only 2 options that something is Enable or Disable). Notice the sections and how a comma and double quotes separate them. The last option in each section does not have a comma. Add or subtract from the set.
functions.txt : contains the complete functions named from data.txt. These are the commands that get run. Add or subtract from the set.
default.txt : contains defaults preset. Click this option from the menu in program.
minimum.txt : contains minimum preset. Click this option from the menu in program.
maximum.txt : contains maximum preset. Click this option from the menu in program.



We researched this idea from looking at first Chris Titus Tech guide:

We based our program data text files on Chris Titus GitHub PowerShell Scripts: as of Aug 24, 2020.

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