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Freedom Mobile – Is it Really Worth of the name?

There is a lot to be said about one of the newest players in the Canadian Cellphone providers.    I was always interested in trying them out for myself but being locked in a contract with Virgin Mobile Canada (Subsidiary of Bell Mobility Canada) and being concerned with some side trouble that may come along with this

Those being

-Poor Reception even in larger cities

-Slow data speeds

– Lack of carrying High-End Devices or in some cases not carrying brands at all Apple’s iPhone was among them at the time

They did have one intriguing feature at their disposal the use of unlimited data something no other carrier offers to average consumers. Along with some of the lowest price tags to match

So, when the Co-Owner of FreeTimeTech handed me a SIM Card to play with I couldn’t turn it down

And in the end, this is what I found so let’s go over the experience

I am going to be comparing it with Virgin CA as it is the only point of reference that I am familiar with.

I first learned about freedom formerly wind mobile in a strange way. I was in Toronto I believe I was going to medieval time or the CNE (A fair) and I saw it printed on a staircase I then went home and researched it for the next little while (I didn’t seriously start looking at it until about 2014/5) when my parents started looking for a new plan. I really liked the idea of unlimited data for a low price and I was then considering it seriously. I was talking to some friends and they told me that it was far from perfect. It had slow data speeds, It didn’t offer the highest tier phones it had far from the best coverage. So I passed on it. But I kept an eye on it. I then started talking to my friends continued with it and slowly the complains started fading away. The Speeds were upgraded to LTE, They were then offering every phone Id want even some my carriers didn’t offer like the LG V series in the end not that it matters now because I just buy my devices outright and unlocked anyways and the coverage expanded to smaller areas of Ontario such as Pembroke and in even smaller areas they are able to now utilize some Bell and Rogers towers at least that’s what the guy at the freedom store told me I haven’t tested it outside of Oshawa but even the coverage of Oshawa has vastly improved and to be clear I had the Freedom 15 Plan which consists of

100 Minutes

250 MB of LTE Data (After 250MB it slows but becomes unlimited)

Unlimited Texting

We disabled national roaming (AWAY) so that

  1. We wouldn’t be charged for using the away network that wasn’t in the plan
  2. So we could see just how good freedoms towers are compared to how they were

And honestly there was 1 Time it went out of service that was probably covered by away and it was in a fairly strange area but even in my basement a lower area of my school almost always full coverage and that’s what I like to see

As for speed, it’s alright up to 30ish down on LTE when the data slow (after you’ve exceeded your allowance) well it was good for most basic tasks youtube will have trouble with anything other than 144-480p videos on the slower data but if you go on a big gig plan it shouldn’t come up too often I love this feature and if Virgin doesn’t implement this soon all I’m saying is in October they’re losing a customer potentially the whole account.

In conclusion after learning about freedom, I learned what it’s about… their goal was never to take down Bell or Rogers it more had to do with offering a fair alternative while we have 10 main cell providers in Canada 3 of them are owned by the big 3 Bell, Rogers, and Telus and they all are the same its more of whos towers and whose service do you want more in your area I am shocked with the amount Freedom Mobile has accomplished in the past 10 Years well done you earned a customer I just wish the sim I’m playing with didn’t have to end so soon it truly is freedom