Graphics Designer – My Experience

When I was younger, I found drawing to be an activity that I loved to do. I would draw all the time. I did not think I was that good but practice made me better.

In high-school, my teacher in computer media thought I was good at drawing. He told me to pursue that field. I felt I was not good enough. So I put it away for many years.

After finishing a degree and working for a while, I went back to drawing graphics for a local computer store that did a bit of everything.

I volunteered for a year and now work for the computer store. But the problem now is that for the work I do mainly, Logo Design, it does not pay.

There are so many graphics designers on the Internet that offer the same service for less. I tried out using to advertise myself and still have not gotten any calls. I need to hustle more but I now do this work for my boss and other job time to time now as I have a full time job doing sales.

Here is a link of my latest works for a company I work for, RHR ( CLICK HERE!

For more in depth information on my work and services, visit:

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