CURVED Monitors? Do they HELP?

I finally caved in the tried out a curved monitor.

I got one on sale here in Canada for $169.99 CDN. It is a Samsung 27″ FHD Curved monitor with a VA panel at 60Hz.

I have been using it for a few months. I find it worthwhile. I remember in 2014 curved displays went for $1000+ at my local Staples store. I really wanted it back then but did not get the hype surrounding it.

After about 3 months I really am getting used to it. I mean if I want to jump onto a computer and do some work. I want to go to my computer with the curved display and read stuff.

I find I get less eye strain and can sit for longer periods because of the less eye strain.

I wish I did this years ago. It is a big improvement in the modern age to use curved displays if you work or study on a desktop PC.