Do programming anyways

Please do programming.

It helped my life so much. I can do so many nice things in the comfort of my own space and place without people nagging or disrupting me. You can be independent so much if you learn programming as it is a skill that can cover many other subjects and topics.

Keep learning.

You will meet many naysayers in your life. I think you can ignore all the media and YouTubers telling you to not get into technical jobs like programming. Programming addresses most of my problems in life as life is actually a skills game to handle all life problems both technical and superficial. The more skills you have the better your life will become.

Get out there in public and see what putting in 4 years of working on yourself will do. I went and did 4 years of study for myself and it worked out for me.

In public you will see the fruits of your labor after working on yourself. Keep learning and growing. You will gain the skills and knowledge which are priceless.

Don’t just “chill” and hang out in public with your group of friends all day for years. Actually work on yourself growing inward in books, interests and jobs. Learn maths/logic/programming and try to address what bothers you and try to fix it. Have a creative outlet to address it.

For me I realized that is all you can really do in life is to work on yourself everyday. When people see you productive, independent and happy, they will take the steps to learn and become like you.

I am not 100% sure, I think maths is still all there is in life. Sometimes it is good to relax and enjoy other things like studying other subjects. But to gain the most skills, maths is something you should aim for. I am not good at physics or “math, math” but I am having a great time doing programming.

I think everyone knows this deep down inside but sometimes “other people” and “other peoples cultures” conflict with this and tell you to live superficially or not intelligently 100%. Don’t listen please. Life is about skills to handle all problems you face. The liberal Western way addresses this.

90% of my daily problems I encounter every day was addressed when I had the skills (I have education in programming, biology and chemistry). Again, I think everybody knows this when they are in elementary school here born in the West but people grow up having problems in life and become negative and they become complacent.

Ignore your teachers in schools that don’t teach this. Outside in the real world and not in schools, life is really complex and can go to infinity and beyond. The more skills you have, you can be ready for all life challenges and also have some enjoyment out of it. You will have some control as long as you have programming.

Life becomes a struggle later in life, life gets hard, you need to have skills to address it. Programming gave me almost 100% control over my life.

Some people out there may make a mark on you. Stefan Mischook changed me: He has been programming since 1994 and was an artist before that. He is so calm and collected. Looks like he is in total control. He has control over his life teaching web design, programming and his company Studioweb. I believe his tools and company are utilized in government schools. This is what I think is great and a role model to aspire to for me. He does web design so that is top notch there.