Programming is like a superpower but …

Programming is like a superpower. It is hard to explain. You have to learn it thoroughly I think to use it and harness all its benefits. I think I understand it now since working with Ben Cybulski.

It is addictive. Trying to keep learning and opening up your mind is so rewarding.

It is powerful. It is pretty powerful.

You can create things from nothing. It is just code.

Once you go ‘creative’ besides creating just solutions it is more gratifying than any other goals I feel. And the cycle repeats for you to continue trying to create more.

The level of collaboration you can have with other people on projects is so fun as it is so much growth and development. Working with Ben Cybulski is such an amazing opportunity. He helps me think outside the box.

Importantly it is a lifestyle that is so full body and mind. Whoever is not on the same pathway doesn’t understand really until doing it. People say it is just a nerdy desk job and very stressful. There is more in that. Try it. It took me 4 years. I felt comfortable at 3 years in but at 4 you feel good and great.

You develop two different lifestyles: 1 – Programmer and 2. The everyday to relax and be more than normal because you have that skill and mindset and vision to build and control things.

I first did what I want and things grew from there.