Right to Repair

Profits. How much do you want? How much do you need? As a publicly traded company, how do you please everybody?

I was fortunate to live in a time when computers and technology were growing leaps and bounds. There were new technologies being developed constantly.

Nowadays some companies are trying different ways to squeeze more profits by not allowing the right to repair.

According to statistics for IT tech jobs, there is a massive vacancy in hiring people for data analytics and cyber security. 

What does that mean? We need people to make sense of the data collected and have trouble dealing with the new world problems of online theft.  At two opposite ends, we are trying to make use of data and then there are people stealing that useful data. Anything new there? It is a vicious cycle. I guess we need more data scientists… and also cyber security experts to make profit.

According to Steve Wozniak, allowing the right to repair allows people to easily get onboard learning technology.

I benefited from this. I am confident that I can repair most computers and mobile phones because I have easy access. And because of it now I am a novice software developer. If we stop the right to repair then it will prevent people from learning.